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LGBTQ* 2011 Movies You May Have Missed

  1. Tomboy (French Film) — following a move, a 10-year introduces himself to his classmates and friends with pronouns he feels more comfortable with. Things become tense when adults and other children learn that his biological sex doesn’t reflect his presentation
  2. Beginners — a series of flashbacks carries the audience through a young man’s current life and his father’s coming out promise (which begins in  his golden years)
  3. Pariah — story of 17-year old African American teenager Alike and her experiences as she embraces her identity as a lesbian 
  4. Albert Nobbs — Glenn Close stars in this period drama about gender expression, sexual orientation, gender roles and class structure
  5. Every Day — the story of a family under strain after years of marriage and a son’s coming out process and desire to find love
  6. Weekend (British) — film about a one-night stand that turns into something neither party expected and everything that can change someone’s outlook