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" … I asked [my son] Jonathan what he felt were the strongest negative and the strongest positive aspects for him in having grown up with lesbian parents. He said the strongest benefit he felt he gained was that he knew that he did not have a lot of the hang-ups that some other boys did about men and women. And the most negative aspect he felt, Jonathan said, was the ridicule he got from some kids with straight parents. ‘You mean, from your peers?’ I said. ‘Oh no,’ he answered promptly. ‘My peers know better. I mean other kids.’"-Audre Lorde, poet, author, theorist, activist, lesbian mother

- What would your peers say?

LBGTQ* Children’s (Picture) Books To Keep On Your Radar

  1. Oh The Things Mommies Do! What Can Be Better Than Having Two? written by Crystal Tompkins; illustrations by  Lindsey Evans   (follow their tumblr HERE)
  2. The Boy Who Cried Fabulous written by Leslea Newman; illustrated by Peter Ferguson
  3. My Mommy Is A Boy written by Jason Martinez; illustrated by Karen Winchester (*book discussing gender)
  4. My Two Super Dads written by Bronny Falls and Munsta Vincent  
  5. Pugdog written by Andrea U’Ren (*book discussing gender)
  6. The Baby Kangaroo Treasure Hunt, A  gay parenting story written by Carmen Martinez Jover; illustrated by Rosemary Martinez 
  7. My Princess Boy written by Cheryl Kilodavis ; illustrations by Suzanne DeSimone (*book discussing gender)
  8. Arwen and Her Two Daddies written by Jarko De Witte van Leeuwen (Translated from Dutch)  
  9. Fairy Tales of the 21st Century written by Bill Carey (retelling of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella)
  10. My Uncle’s Wedding written by Eric Ross; illustrations by Tracy K. Green