LGBTQ* Videos You May Have Missed

(following from the Advocate)

The video, filmed and posted to YouTube by Jacob’s father, Jonathan Rudolph, shows the younger Rudolph taking the stage to accept the Class Actor award during the school’s senior class awards. Rudolph notes that while he’s acted in several plays over his academic tenure, he’s been acting every day as something he’s not: a straight person. 

"Most of you see me every day, you see me acting the part of straight Jacob," says Rudolph, as the crowd quiets. "When I am, in fact, an LGBT teen."

Note from Ruth Elizabeth:

Coming out takes courage and strength in every arena but to do so in a public forum is quite the statement. Each of the moderators have struggled (and we continue to struggle) with knowing when and how to come out to our family, peers, coworkers, and the rest of the world. We must weigh our safety and desire to be treated like everyone else with our need to be who we are and advocate for the rights of others like us. Props and support from the KNOWhomo family, Jacob—you are an incredibly brave young man.