Dec 5

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Ruth Elizabeth's Femme Flagging Post

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Stuff We’re Curious About: ‘Femme’ Flagging with Nail Polish

For more on the hanky code, see HERE or HERE.

(following from the fabulous Queer Fat Femme)

Identities like Femme are deeply personal and there’s no one way to be Femme. There are certainly overlapping characteristics and generalizations that exist–which is how we find each other and create community. Tenderly paw in paw we find ourselves a niche (or several) in queerdom. But it is essentialist to say “This is a trait common amongst Femmes,” because as soon as you think you’ve isolated one commonality about Femmes you’ll find a whole pile of Femmes who belie that trait. This is simultaneously awesome and complicated when you’re trying to spot a Femme in the wild.

There is a whole Tumblr dedicated to Femme Flagging, with a forum for fleshing out new additions to the hanky code. Lots of folks have been doing one finger on one hand for the flag, but others have been doing two (or three) “(-) fingers” as the flag.

(photo sources: Bossy Femme, kushandlouboutins, FUSEmag)