Sep 9

I am highly offended by you notation that We'Wha was transgender. Two-Spirit is NOT transgender. Read some history books before you make sweeping inclusions. Signed, A Two-Spirit


Dear Anon,

I do wish I could apologize to you formally for any offense. Due to the status of this message, I will have to do this publicly but please know it is intended for you (or anyone else who may be offended).

I titled the post “Trans* Individuals in History.” I understand and respect that Two-Spirit and Transgender are not the same. I also understand that Two-Spirit is something reserved for Indigenous Americans and goes beyond the binary of male/female.

I also am aware that many Trans* blogs, text books, history books (as you have told me to read), discussion boards, and places of dialogue include Two-Spirit history. This is not to denounce or ignore or belittle Two-Spirits by fusing their history into other histories. Many people, myself included, use the term Trans* (including the asterisk) as an inclusive term to signify as many individuals as possible who do not identify as Cis.

I do apologize for any offense this caused. I am making the choice to not remove it because I feel it is important to share all history on this webpage and I stand by my position that Trans* (while lacking) is currently one of the most inclusive terms I can use/share with other individuals on Tumblr.

Should this cause you great grief, please message me back. I wish not to  upset anyone deeply and will remove the post if needed.

Keep On, Keeping On!